Second Workshop: Brussels, Hotel Metropole, 30 March 2006

In the second international workshop on Harmonised European Approaches for Transport Costing and Project Assessment (HEATCO), the preliminary project findings and recommendations for the guidelines regarding the following cost and impact categories were presented : Furthermore the application of the guidelines was illustrated along a number of case studies on TEN-T projects.

First Workshop: Brussels, 14 April 2005

As a key feature of HEATCO, harmonisation of guidelines is being organised in a cycle process, involving representatives from member countries from the beginning of guideline development, with discussions and revision of different guideline versions. Thus, in this first HEATCO workshop, the aim has been to inform about the current practice for project assessment in the EU member states and to discuss Based on the recommendations acquired in this workshop, the HEATCO consortium will develop a proposal for harmonised guidelines, that will be presented and discussed in a second workshop taking place early 2006.

Programme of the HEATCO workshop in Brussels, 14 April 2005 (PDF file)

Presentations of the workshop (ZIP file containing PDF files, 7,125 MB)

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