Deliverables (Final versions)

Deliverable 1 Current practice in project appraisal in Europe (PDF file)
   Annex to Deliverable 1 Country Reports (Final version, all countries; ZIP file containing Excel files, 18,39 MB)
Comments on Deliverable 1 Comments on Deliverable 1 with respect to the situation in the Netherlands (PDF file)

Deliverable 2 State-of-the-art in project assessment (PDF file)
    Annex to Deliverable 2 Annexes A-H to Deliverable 2 (ZIP file)

Deliverable 3 Key issues in the development of harmonised guidelines for project assessment
and transport costing (PDF file)

Deliverable 4 Economic values for key impacts valued in stated preference studies (PDF file)

Deliverable 5
Proposal for Harmonised Guidelines (PDF file)
Summary only (PDF file)
   Annex to Deliverable 5 Annexes A-E to Deliverable 5 (ZIP file)

Deliverable 6 Case Study Results (PDF file)
   Annex to Deliverable 6 Case study reports (ZIP file)

Deliverable 7 Final Technical Report (PDF file)