European Transport Appraisal - The Way Forward

Conference on Harmonised European Approaches for Transport Costing and Project Assessment
Date: Wednesday 17 May 2006
Venue: Representation of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Brussels

In HEATCO new, harmonised guidelines for the evaluation of transport projects and policies of interest at EU level were developed. These guidelines reflect both existing practice and latest scientific knowledge. In this conference the current state of European transport project appraisal was presented as well as the suggestions for a harmonisation of methods with a focus on the valuation of The implications of the new guidelines and differences to existing guidelines were demonstrated by a number of TEN-T project appraisals.  Below you find the programme of the conference. The presentations are available for download here:


Chair: Morning: Dr. Lori Tavasszy, TNO, Afternoon: Prof. Peter Mackie, ITS Leeds

    09:30-10:45 Introduction and background

                   Opening, Mrs Catharina Sikow-Magny, European Commission, DGTREN (10’)

                   Objectives of the conference, Prof. Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart (10’)

                   Overview of current appraisal practice in Europe, Mr Thomas Odgaard, COWI (25’)

                   Organisational aspects of CBA guidelines in the Netherlands and how to deal with trans-national project assessment,
Mrs Pauline Wortelboer - van Donselaar, Dutch Ministry of Transport (30’)

    10:45-11:15 Coffee

    11:15-13:00    Elements of harmonised guidelines for assessing trans-European infrastructure projects

                   General issues / external costs, Prof. Rainer Friedrich (35’)

                   Travel time savings, Prof. Peter Mackie (20’)

                   Indirect effects, Mr Arnaud Burgess, TNO (20’)

                   Discussion (30’)

    13:00-14:00 Lunch

    14:00-15:30 The use of the guidelines

                   Comparison HEATCO vis-à-vis other EU-level guidelines, Mrs Patrizia Fagiani, ISIS (15’)

                   The Fehmarn Belt fixed link (DK – DE), Mr Thomas Odgaard, COWI (15’)

                   Torino - Bussoleno rail link (Italy), Mr Andrea Ricci, ISIS (15’)

                   Skarfia, part of Pathe route (Greece), Mr George Arampatzis, NTUA (15’)

                   A120 Stansted to Braintree (UK), Mr James Laird, ITS Leeds (15’)

                   Discussion on findings (15’)

    15:30-16:00 Coffee

    16:00-16:30 The future of EU guidelines

                   Experience with harmonised guidelines and the way forward,
Dr. Peter Bickel, University of Stuttgart (15’)

                   Discussion with a view towards FP7 (15’)

    16:30   Closure and drinks